ConceptC++ Specification

ConceptC++ is an extension to the C++ Programming Language that introduces first-class support for Generic Programming. It is the first attempt to introduce complete support for Generic Programming into a mainstream programming language. ConceptC++ is a strong candidate for inclusion into the upcoming ISO C++ Standard, dubbed C++0x. The Open Systems Laboratory at Indiana University is developing a prototype compiler for ConceptC++, ConceptGCC.

The latest specification of concepts is available in the concepts proposals to the ISO C++ Standard committee and is implemented in the development version of ConceptGCC. We also main a concepts issues list containing known and potential problems with the concepts specification. The latest versions of the concepts proposals to the ISO C++ Committee are available in PDF format:

Upcoming Proposals

Proposals for the Pre-Antipolis Mailing
Doc. No Lead author Clause
NNNN=08-XXXX Douglas Gregor 1-15 - Language support
NNNN=08-XXXX Beman Dawes 17 - Library introduction
NNNN=08-XXXX Alisdair Meridith 18 - Language support library
NNNN=08-XXXX Beman Dawes 19 - Diagnostics library
NNNN=08-XXXX Douglas Gregor 20 - Concepts
NNNN=08-XXXX Douglas Gregor 20 - General utilities library
NNNN=08-XXXX Douglas Gregor 23 - Containers library
NNNN=08-XXXX Douglas Gregor 24 - Iterators library
NNNN=08-XXXX Douglas Gregor 25 - Algorithms library
NNNN=08-XXXX Douglas Gregor 26 - Numerics library