ConceptGCC Team

Douglas Gregor is the primary developer of ConceptGCC, responsible for the ongoing maintenance and development of the compiler and its standard library implementation. Doug is a post-doctoral researcher in the Open Systems Laboratory at Indiana University. Questions about ConceptGCC should be .
Andrew Lumsdaine leads the Open Systems Laboratory, which is responsible for the development of ConceptGCC and much of ConceptC++. Andrew leads many research and software development efforts centered around Generic Programming and high-performance scientific computing.
Jeremiah Willcock is a PhD student in the Open Systems Laboratory at Indiana University. Jeremiah was responsible for developing many of the concepts that we use in ConceptGCC's Standard Library, and for using those concepts to develop type-safe versions of many of the algorithms in the ConceptGCC Standard Library.
Jeremy Siek is a post-doctoral researcher at Rice University. His compiler for the G language, which he developed as part of his PhD research in the Open Systems Laboratory, was the first to implement the model of concepts used in ConceptGCC. His advice on the correct implementation of concepts in a compiler has been invaluable in the development of ConceptGCC.