ConceptClang Team

ConceptClang Installation Instructions

The current version of concept clang is based on revision 138707 of the clang repository, and compiles with revision 138708 of the llvm repository.

To run the prototype:


  • mkdir llvm.test
  • cd llvm.test
  • svn co -r 138708 llvm
  • cd llvm/
  • cd tools/
  • wget
  • # Or download it directly from:
  • tar -xvf clang-concepts.tar.gz; mv clang-concepts clang
  • cd ..
  • ./configure
    # The build might fail on 64-bit architectures. In such cases, configure with the flag --disable-bindings.
  • make


At least once, do the following:

  • cd LLVM_DIR/
  • ./configure
  • cd tools/clang/test/
  • make
  • # There are some regression test failures (roughly 5), due to backward compatibility.
  • # We will fix them at time allows…

Then, do the following:

  • Run the Concepts-related test suite(s) in CLANG_DIR/tests/Concepts with the following command:
    python LLVM_DIR/utils/lit/ -sv --no-progress-bar LLVM_DIR/tools/clang/test/Concepts/

Alternatively, you can also do:

  • cd LLVM_DIR/tools/clang/test
  • ./ Concepts/

All tests should pass.